The burning House

Do you know ?

People from all over the world tell what they’ll save if the house would start to burn. Rational things like documents and laptops but also loved things like old chucks or photos are shown in the photos. It’s very interesting to discover similarities and differences and so I decided to post there too.

What would you save from your burning house?

Name: Lisa S.

Age: 17

Location: Germany

Occupation: Student


I will take with me…

– my trumpet

– Orkanfahrt, the book I love most

– Der kleine Prinz, who don’t know the story of the little prince?

– Drivers License

– my Wallet with the ID card, some money, the train ticket….

– the necklace with my baptism ring, my golden earrings, the bracelet with my name and the necklace with the cross

– playing cards

– my Netbook with all the photos, music, …

– the surfstick

– and the camera with which I’ve taken this photo

Blogwatch: Live forever

masha sedgwick live forever

Maria / Masha Sedgwick’s blog live forever is dominated from her own style, mixed up with music and lyric writing (You know me, I love this combination). I don’t want to bore you with many words, her  selfdescription says a lot:

22.  cologne. excessive. dirty. sparkling.

a mess.
Even if she’s from Germany, most of the post are written in English, just check out:
Some impressions:
masha sedgwick live forever
masha sedwick live forever
masha sedgwick live forever
Isn’t that haircolor cool?

Blogwatch: Stockholm Streetstyle

The blog „Stockholm Streetstyle“ is a daily inspiration for tons of people all over the world. The princip is very simple: normaly 3 to 4 Streetstyle photos from various people are posted, all made in Stockholm. Men and woman, different styles… nearly everyone can be inspired here, hopefully you, too.

stockholm streetstyle elin


Johanna stockholm streetstyle


Stockholm Streetstyle Silvia


Blogwatch: The little People Project

Today the newest post from „The little People Project“ flattered in my virtual post box – with a photo of a post box. But one detail is different: the little figure.

That’s what is different on this blog: little plastic people live on our streets and look like they belong there!

Risk a look at

little people project

the little people project

misfortunates little people project

Blogwatch: kabutar

Sophia Zarindast is writing on her Blog about fashion, jewelry and the wonderful colors of life. You’ve  read correctly, the first thing I noticed on her blog were the colors in her outfits and on the nice photos she has collected and posted. The Persian roots are as obvious as her life in Hamburg in her jewelery creations, which are available here. So take the time and visit her Blog, it’s excellent!

Some more impressions:

My personal favorit: Necklace antarktika, 75€

Blogwatch: Fossil

One of my favorite brands is definitely Fossil. Taking vintage-charm in our closet  is one of the specialty, but they also have a blog. In contrast to some other brandblogs they don’t talk only about the items. Other topics are culture, design, DIY and -of cause- fashion.

Worth clicking are for example art of the bottlecap,  paris love-locks and artist spotlight: Ron Van der Ende.

Some impressions:

Eine meiner Lieblingsmarken ist Fossil, aber darüber muss man ja nicht mehr viele Worte verlieren. Viel interessanter ist da der dazugehörige Blog: den findet ihr hier 

Im Gegensatz zu anderen Marknblogs geht es dabei nicht nur um Produkte, sondern auch und vorallem um Design, Kultur, DIYs und -was auch sonst- Mode.  Ein paar wirklich schöne Posts sind zum Beispiel art of the bottlecap, paris love-locks und artist spotlight: Ron van der Ende.

Ein paar Eindrücke:

Katharina Trudzinski, eismeer